Are You One Of Those Sports Fans, Like Drake? Then This Hat Is For You


Forget the fact that it’s absolutely psychotic to have a player at the logo point of your hat. Like an actual human being where the team should be. Puig where the LA is or Kobe dunking over Yao instead of the Lakers sign. Forget the fact that they’re advertising Kobe, Lebron and KD to be on the same hat or Cam, Brady and Kaepernick. Forget all that shit. The only point is that this hate fucking sucks. Anybody who buys this hat, fucking sucks. Who honestly, would wear this? It’s a freaking Gameboy on your baseball hat. Not only does it look stupid, it makes no fucking sense. When I buy a hat, I buy it for that one logo. I don’t need a $75 hat with all the logos in the universe. Also don’t need a fucking laptop on my dome announcing for the world to kick my ass. Every hat I own, I wear the fuck out of it and put it on my head for a reason. Not like some cheap robot fake hat I can change my allegiance with the click of a button. But that goes without saying

I would rewrite this entire blog if somebody bought me a Live Lid hat.

PS. Oh yeah. Just in case you got offended at that Drake statement,

he brought a fucking lint roller to last nights game.

Remember When You Saw That Beast Mode Shirt At Footlocker And Didn’t Buy It? Good Thing You Didn’t

Because you probably don’t want to weight 90 pounds and you probably don’t want to look like Draco Malfoy in the first year of Hogwarts and you probably want to look like you’ve lifted a single dumbbell in your young. Other than that

can’t even tell the difference.

Teen Shot After Cutting Foot Locker Line For Yeezy Foamposites

Source-The Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Yeezy” release was sure to awake a few sneakerheads and send them to the shelves to cop, but the incident occurring in Brooklyn, was not necessarily expected. As with most big name releases, a Bushwick Foot Locker in Brooklyn had a long line of eager sneakerheads ready to cop these kicks. Amongst these sneakerheads was 15 year old, Isaiah Martinez. As reported in the NY Daily News, Martinez allegedly tried to cut the line, but instead was shot in the foot by a fellow sneakerhead early Saturday morning.Edison Cartagena, who told reporters he was a friend of Martinez, said that once Martinez had tried to cut the line, the campers became fairly upset, telling him he must go to the back. When demands were not met, a man left the line and told Martinez he was coming back with a gun. He did, and he fired four shots, one hitting Martinez in the foot.Jayson Roque, 23, had a slightly different take. He told reporters that before shots were fired, Martinez had mouthed off with the gunman and that was when the shooting began. Roque goes on to say that this generation of sneakerheads shoot each other over shoes. After all, this shooting came less than a week after 13-year-old choirboy Gama Droiville was hit in the head by a stray bullet in Flatbush, Brooklyn.Martinez was taken to Woodhull Hospital to treat the non-life threatening wound and is currently recovering, and the Bushwick Foot Locker delayed it opening until 11 a.m. Needless to say, the Bushwick Foot Locker posted a sign at 6 p.m. stating they had sold out of the $250 kicks.

Now obviously, it’s never fun reading a story about a kid who got shot, but what kind of fucking brave ass idiot cuts in line at a Foot Locker during a shoe release. Especially a Yeezy shoe release. That’s pretty damn reckless if you ask me. You’re quite literally risking your life pulling something like that. I mean people are willing to fight when you pull this shit at a Starbucks or an In N Out. I’m surprised this kid wasn’t made an example out of and fucking stoned by the mob for doing this at a Foot Locker when Yeezy’s were on the line.

Cutting in line already is one of the most disrespectful things you can do to another man. It’s saying, “I think you’re a little bitch and you’re not going to do anything if I purchase my shit before you.” And this is like grocery market lines or like on the freeway I’m talking about. Something on a much smaller scale in terms of cutting. Like it’ll alter your day by only like 15 seconds. But in the situation of a sneaker release where people have literally been camping out since the day before, you’re flat out taking your life into your own hands. Nobody should ever be shooting somebody else over a fucking shoe, but if they do, this is almost justified.

PS. Remember the back cut? That was like society’s loophole to not looking like a bitch when it came to cutting. If an older, much bigger kid tried to cut you, you offer the back cut and now it’s the problem of the kid behind you. Maybe you even offer your graham crackers as a friendly gesture. But if the kid denied your back cut and cut in front of you, you might as well have gave him your Cinnamon Toast Crunch and chocolate milk right on the spot while pulling up your own underwear.

A Huge Thank You To Those Who Showed Face At The Koreatown Night Market This Weekend

This post may be written by me, but as a team, brand and blog, we just want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. This weekend may have been one of the greatest weekends of my life. I know our 2 year party was a blast and nobody who left had any regrets coming, but this was on a different level. I’ve been blogging everyday and although some of the posts seem half assed, probably because they are, every member of Loudmouse contributes a ridiculous amount of work. To have something we built with our hands come into fruition like this, is a feeling I can’t describe or put into a thank you letter. To have people support us and give me this high is worth every second and penny I’ve contributed to this company.

To Timeless, what can we say guys. I know we had a fucking blast in our booth getting drunk as fuck and getting our name out there. Like you say, nobody else in our city puts in the work or stays relevant. Thank you for opening up that smelly tent and sharing this event with us. Love that we’re sharing success and making moves together. I can speak for everyone when I say, it definitely would not have been as great without you guys in there with us.

To the Koreatown coachella Night Market, congratulations. What was the amount? 80,000? To have people from the other night markets come to your event and get outshined? End up on the news and make that Koreatown dot on the map a little bit bolder? Thank you for having us and letting us be a part of the first one. There were times throughout the day I was thinking there should be alcohol, but we all know how people get when they drink soju. Not sure if there were any fights or anything of that nature, but I didn’t see any and I’m glad the images of Koreans weren’t tainted in that sense. Although we could have done without the Stinky Tofu booth. There were times I felt like there was an asshole in my face or someone picked their bellybutton after spending a week in the wilderness and stuck a lint in my nostril.

To fans, readers, and friends who stopped by our booth, thank you. To see strangers walking around with our shirts on, stickers on their hats and clothes, was something else. Someone brought us like 30 tacos. It was a bottomless aluminum foil wrapper of carne asada sex. One of our friends brought us a Ramen Burger that apparently had a 3 hour line the night before. We had Mike fucking B wearing our shirt on the stage while performing with Dumbfoundead. We had a fucking LAPD officer buy one of our shirts while on duty. I know at this point it’s just bragging now, but I’ve never had something to brag about like this before so whatever. After we closed shop Saturday, I ended up at a Karaoke bar and there was a girl who recognized me in the booth earlier. Brought her friends into our room and asked me all these fangirl groupie questions because she was Q’s biggest fan. It was fucking amazing. This is probably the part where I tell lana and he tells me I have the gay because I let her walk away without having sexual relations with her. The only way this could have gotten any better is if Vince Mcmahon came inside and wrapped the WWF tag team championship belts around all our waists. Thank you.

Sewol Tragedy Really Hit Home

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here but I had to find an outlet to say what’s on my mind.

I am deeply saddened and hurt and most undeniably angered by this tragedy. The Korean media, government, laws, procedures, and a country as a whole has really let me down. A ship holding 476 lives with 325 of them being high school students, went under and only 174 people have been rescued. As the Korean media continues to explain how the “rescue” teams are still in search for survivors, I can’t help but be honest with myself and think how many of them are really still alive. 5 days have passed and the sunken ship still remains submerged underwater.

Parent: “We pooled money the first day and rented a boat and there were barely any rescue operations happening.”…”You have to know that what broadcasts are showing isn’t close to the real picture”… “They said that divers spend 15 minutes under water but after subtracting the in/out time, they really only spend 5 minutes.” In regards to this last quote, the reasoning brought up for the divers spending so little time underwater is the necessary weight of their oxygen tanks, larger tanks have apparently been deemed too dangerous to dive in.

During a memorial service, a pastor who had witnessed the cleaning and shrouding of the bodies said, “how much have the children scrapped at the walls while trapped in the ship that their fingernails have all fallen off.” The chapel broke out in tears.

sewol capt

How can you be human and not do whatever it takes to save these innocent lives? I don’t fucking understand this shit. Judging from pictures of the site, There were just miles off from land. Why would you instruct these kids to stay put in their rooms as you prepare for escape? Do you not have a fucking soul? Wouldn’t it have been easier to instruct everyone to put on a life vest and to jump into the ocean before the boat goes under? Beyond being a coward, the captain of the Sewol is a stupid heartless selfish dishonorable man. When his day comes, hopefully, it’s much sooner than later, he will be judged. When that day comes, I hope to see him spend eternity in fire and agony. He should be forced to drink every tear of every single family member affected by this tragedy until his lungs are filled. I can go on and on about how this man should not live but my real hatred is towards the Korean government.

I don’t care about the conditions of the water or how much the current is making it difficult to see. Yes, I’m sure they all play a crucial factor in the process of saving these lives. But it still needs to be done. Do WHATEVER the fuck it takes. Ask for help, hire more divers, anything. The media has some fuckin balls saying “Even the president Park Geun-Hye has showed up to the tragedy site.” What The Fuck? Are you serious? Did she have an important tea party she had to reschedule to make this appearance? Isn’t it her fucking duty to be there? This is why Korea has put itself way back. Their government freeze up and tuck their little penises in between their thighs and sit back and watch the worst happen right before their eyes. Fucking cowards. Oh, and I can’t forget all you stupid fucks out there writing all that ignorant shit on your facebook status saying shit like “so… is anyone praying for the missing plane anymore? people are “fast praying” like Forever 21 does “fast fashion“” or “fucking annoying. blew up during lunch at work today… and everyone ate in silence. lol .If i have to hear one more Korean who is outraged and devestated by this whole thing when the only thing that links them to this is that they are Korean… I might just shoot myself.. They aren’t doing anything about it but bitching…. K TO THE RAGE…. Ly…. K TO THE RAGE

You might just shoot yourself? Well I’d be a liar to say that I’m not pulling for you. Let’s get one thing straight. Going against the grain doesn’t always amount to likes, comments, or shares. Most times, it’ll attract stones and more intelligent people than yourself. If you want to cry about the missing Malaysian Airlines, that’s fine with me. Who are you to say who and what people should mourn for? As if one tragedy is greater than the other. Yes, I’m Korean and yes, that’s the only connection I may obviously have with the Sewol victims. Still, this has nothing to do with my “Korean pride” nor do I think any less of the Malaysian Airlines’ disappearance. There were kids who were reportedly still alive even after a full day of complete submergence. If you are only focused about the “connection” the “outraged” people might have with these missing people, you are clearly either heartless or have an intelligence level equivalent to a downtown pigeon or both. I really hope you posted that on your facebook for attention or just for the sake of being different. Not only did you lose my respect as a person, if I saw you getting purse snatched in a dark alleyway, I’d turn my head the other direction. You are worse than the stench of my piss after eating a bundle of asparagus. Just go and do what you said you’d do on your status. Shoot yourself.

Now that I got that off my chest, if any of you want to get live updates on the Sewol rescue mission, you can find the live feeds on this site:

Koreatown Night Market

If you don’t know what the Koreatown Night Market is, no big deal. It’s only the biggest festival in Koreatown this year where fat people come to eat really good food. Loudmouse will be manning a booth with our good friends over at Timeless. It’s located at Robert F Kennedy school, where the man got shot in the face. If that doesn’t ring a bell, if you’re on Wilshire and Alexandria, you’ll see a bigass school that looks like it houses X-Men and other fellow mutants. We’re in booth B8 and we’ll be dropping a limited run of our exclusive beanies. Won’t be hard to miss.

This Is Why Nick Young Is My Favorite Laker

It’s no secret that I hate the Lakers. Don’t know what it is, but something in my DNA won’t allow me to like them. But that goes without saying, watching Swaggy P and Jodie Meeks shoot 50 times a game was nothing short of entertaining. A lot more fun than last years Lakers team even with Dwight on it.


Before I go on any further, I had to rewind like 6 times to understand what the fuck he was saying.

At the last home game, you addressed the fans. Some people thought Pau should have. What are your thoughts on that?
I’m the star! I AM Swaggy P. See what I’m going into this car with.

Where’s the weed at?
It’s in the bappack.

What do you think about people calling for D’Antoni’s job?
It’s a damn. Damn shame what happened to D’Antoni.

I get it. If he comes back for another season of this ridiculous cockiness, he just may convert me to the purple and gold. I just want to invite him and Gilbert Arenas over my house for some free for all Fisher Price H-O-R-S-E. I want to play with Iggy Azalea’s ass. I want to leak information about my coach getting sacked.

PS. I don’t get it. I really don’t.

Grand Opening Brunch Restaurant Called Flour On 3rd And New Hampshire

One of my favorite things in the world has to be brunch. 1) Pussy 2) Revenge 3) Brunch. In that order. To be quite honest, I can’t tell the difference between brunch and breakfast except for the fact that they’re still serving eggs and shit after 11. It’s pretty much breakfast for fat lazy people like me. Plus since we’re going to be manning our booth at the Koreatown Night Market beginning at 2, why not get up a little bit earlier and grab some brunch. 3525 3rd St. It’s on the same block as Lock and Key except on the exact opposite side. Same plaza as Metro PCS. That Captain Crunch thing sounds like it’s going to tickle the shit out of my taste buds.

You can RSVP here.

Would You Let This Massage Therapist Touch You?

Source-A 51-year-old licensed massage therapist from Englewood was arrested and charged with inappropriate sexual activity with a woman who came to a spa where he was working for treatment , authorities said Wednesday.Felipe D. Cruz was charged with one count of sexual assault and one count of criminal sexual contact, said Bergen County Prosecutor John L.Molinelli.Detectives from the prosecutors Special Victims Unit and the Englewood police arrested Cruz Tuesday after a customer of the D2 Day Spa complained that he had inappropriately fondled her during a massage session, Molinelli said.The woman halted the session, then contacted police in Englewood, who referred the matter to the prosecutor’s office, Molinelli said, adding that Cruz had worked for D2 Day Spa as an independent contractor for about a year.Cruz was held in the Bergen County Jail on $75,000 bail and ordered to surrender his passport and have no further contact with the woman, Molinelli said.

Ladies, listen up. If you ever let the man in that picture massage you, then you deserve anything and everything coming your way. If there were ever somebody I took a glance at and instantly thought, yeah he’s a fucking fondler, it’s this man right here. His beard looks like infinite grey ramen noodles before they’re cooked. This guy just oozes raper vibes. I’d hesitate emptying my shopping cart on the conveyor belt if he was bagging my groceries, let alone go near him in a private room. And you can’t even blame the guy. It’s like when those idiots put their faces in the mouth of an alligator and everyone starts overreacting when it bites down. Need to take some responsibility here. Can’t get a massage from the most suspicious looking guy ever and then get startled when he starts massaging your vagina with his hands. You know how they say don’t judge a book by it’s cover? Sometimes you can judge a book fucking perfectly by looking at it’s cover.