Kim Kardashian vs Amber Rose

Kim Kardashian has always insisted that she and Kanye West are just friends, but that may not be the truth after all! In an exclusive interview with Star magazine, Kanye’s ex girlfriend, Amber Rose, revealed that the reason she and the singer split was because of the reality star’s devious cheating ways.

“Kim is one of the main reasons why me and Kanye are not together,” Amber exclusively told Star. “She’s a homewrecker!” Click here for the full article……. let me get this straight.
While Kim Kardashian was sucking Reggie Bush’s Trojans off, she was also sucking on Kanye West’s “lollipop”.
While Kanye West was getting that “no-hair” trim from Amber Rose, he was also putting his Johnny Cock-ran inside Kim’s filthy little vag.
This has got to be the battle of bitches who got famous off of another black man.
If I was Kanye, I’d want some hair to pull on while hitting that ass you can see from the front, which is why he probably chose Kim.
He watched the sex tape,figured she likes men with flash lights for a penis, and decided to dick her down….call it a “Late Registration”

Click the jump to see pictures of both these filthy sluts…….and vote on the poll for who you would rather put your toothpick penis inside.

I don’t give a fuck how big your ass is, that G.I. Jane bullshit isn’t cutting it for me. Fuck that.

Click the second page for Kim Kardashian’s nut dripping pictures

Now look at that mouth. You can hide inside it the next time a hurricane hits your neighborhood.

Now the question is…

Who would you rather fuck?

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