Ballin Out of Control : Nike Air Jordan XI

Report me if you want, I don’t give a shit.
How ridiculous is this? Ain’t no recession going on.
11k on sneakers?! Are you fuckin kidding me?
Give me a $300 pair of Space Jams, $4 dollars worth of Sharpies, and I’ll save you some money.
I put a bid in just to fuckin say I did.
I’m a part of history now. That’s right, my eBay id is amongst the other losers who bid on this shoe.
Go save a child in poverty you disillusioned fucks.

P.S. – What would I have done if I won? I would’ve told the seller to fuck off and stop robbing people blind.

One thought on “Ballin Out of Control : Nike Air Jordan XI

  1. I could agree on what U said about ppl spending 11K+ for sneakers is nonsense,BUT U actually helped the seller raise the price and rob other buyers with Ur bid.. it’s nonsense too

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