Chris Bosh Killed His Masseuse

Source-The details of a dramatic 911 call made by Miami Heat star Chris Bosh and his wife after finding their masseuse collapsed in his home last week have been released.In a recording of the nine-minute call, Mr Bosh tells an operator that 41-year-old Chautele Cooksey’s condition is declining rapidly, turning pale white and drifting in and out of consciousness.’I need a doctor here at my house,’ he says. ‘A guest of mine isn’t feeling very well.’Begging for an ambulance to come to his home, he says that she is having trouble breathing and that she needs care, adding: ‘She’s passed out a couple of times’.He tells the operator that Ms Cooksey has passed out a couple of times but regained consciousness. ‘If they could hurry, that would be great,’ he pleads.After a few minutes, Mr Bosh’s wife, Adrienne, takes over and begins to express concern at Ms Cooksey’s worsening condition.’I don’t know if she’s stable, we just need someone to come,’ she said. ‘She’s going in and out and her breathing is shallow.’The operator instructs them to position the woman, who was laying down with her eyes closed, in the most comfortable position and to remain still.’She can’t breathe, something weird is going on,’ Mrs Bosh says. ‘Oh my God … something is happening, I don’t know … They have to hurry.’The call goes on for nearly nine minutes. Paramedics arrived as the couple was instructed to begin performing chest compressions on the unconscious woman.’You can do this,’ the operator tells Mrs Bosh.Neighbors said that the paramedics worked tirelessly on the woman in the street in the hope of reviving her, according to WPLG.

At first glance, naturally I thought the masseuse was a dude. Like from a thumbnail point of view, that’s an honest mistake. That and the fact that Chris Bosh exudes flaming as much as Benjamin. Not saying all short haired girls look like men so don’t get on my case about that feminists. But enough about that. How does TMZ not have the fucking phone call already. They have police reports the minute they finish writing them. As if the get the copies before the cops even turn them in. Remember the Rihanna pictures after she got mollywhopped by Chris Brown? Happened in the evening and by midnight that shit was all over their website. If there was one person I’d like to hear the 911 call in a situation like this, it’d be Chris Bosh. Bet you he cried. I can almost guarantee that. I bet the cops had no fucking idea what he was saying through all the sobbing. Oh I’d almost pay real money to hear that phone call.

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