Ass For Gas


When I initially clicked the link, I fully expected to see some not safe for work pictures of some ugly ass girls with a little too much fat. Maybe a cross eyed girl here. One legged streetwalker there. Nope. Just a bunch of perverted dudes with extra gas. How weird is it that people stocked up on gas. I’m calling bullshit because if I live in New York, I’m selling fake gas too. Women don’t know what gas smells like much less looks like. Might even get away with milk gallons filled with water and soy sauce. Hey ladies, what color is the gas you pump at chevron? Oh brown right? Like soy sauce brown? Come give me a handjob and I’ll fill up your Camry with grade 87 kikkoman.


PS. Big fat blowjob may be the best way to describe it ever.

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