I Understand Raving Now: Vira Solovey

I don’t know when this came to pass, but I kind of regret not having a raving stage in my life. Like you always hear from your friends that they saw that a middle aged 45 year old guy at the rave by himself trying to fit in with college kids. I feel like that’s me in 20 years. Absolutely missed that train by a mile. Like I understand raving now. Before I used to look at you guys with pity. Spending hundreds of dollars to spend a whole day out in the sun. Spend another hundred on drugs and bracelets. I mean just sounded like a humongous waste of money and time. But now that I know about lord Avicii and Vira Solovey. I don’t know. Maybe there’s something there I’m missing out on. Whens the next rave? EDC? White wonderland? Maybe I’ll go the next facebook status I see of someone selling leftover tickets for half off.

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