Kate Upton With The Vogue Comeback

Most of the time someone will mention Kate Upton to put up on loudmouse, as if we don’t put enough of her up here. And 99% of the time I’ll shrug it off. Now that’s not to say that Kate’s always been gross because at one point I was masturbating to pictures of her doing the Dougie. She went from being that hot to just a fat chick with big ass boobs. And not the nice kind of big ass boobs either. The kind where they look like they’d feel like a ziploc bag filled with water. Just all over the place. And then once in a while she has a moment like this where you forget about her past. You forget she sometimes has rolls or fat hanging out of her swimsuit.

Kate Upton Secretly Wants Pardongme

Well what do you know. Kate Upton wants to lick my hairless balls. How did she know that I shave down there on a regular basis? Does Kate Upton read loudmouse? Probably. Leave your overpaid pitcher boyfriend for this asian smut blogger.



Kate Upton Robbing The World One Fat Tit At A Time


This is getting ridiculous. I know I’m on record to say Kate Uptons a hot piece of ass, but this bitch is getting out of hand. Hasn’t she been on enough fucking covers by now? Change it up Sports Illustrated. This is a fucking robbery. I mean not to say I wouldn’t fuck Kate Upton or anything, but this girl has fell off a long way. Up til now, she’s brought it to a point where people will defend her to death even if one of her boobs got chopped off. Just looking at the Swimsuit models, I can point at 30 of these broads that could swap her out. Get this squishy bitch off these covers.





Seriously?! Kate’s like fucking 9 on this list.