Would You Suck a Fart Out of Her Ass : Kaylin Garcia

Joe Budden gets some of the baddest bitches, and I have no idea why.
Obviously as a rapper, he’s got his cult following but nothing big enough to bag the plethora of girl’s he’s been racking up. What’s even crazier is that he has relationships that are very public, and most of them have ended very badly displaying Joey in the worst way possible.

Kaylin Garcia is a Miami native who teaches Zumba and hip-hop dancing on her spare time. I really doubt she’ll ever need to do shit like that as long as she holds on to Buddens.
I follow Joe Budden through Instagram and noticed this red bone who’s been poppin up frequently on my feed through his account. The pictures got more racy and less clothes involved. I don’t wanna touch on too much about her, but I guess her focal point is the mo-hawk.

Hit the jump for more pictures. NSFW

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