Would You Pay To Fuck Someone’s Wife On Their Honeymoon

Source– A wedding night is usually one of the most special things a just-married couple can share with each other.But one bride-to-be has put hers up for auction online to be sold to the highest bidder.The bizarre sex sale is being offered by a vendor known as “NicoleBlow37”, believed to be German bride Sandra Meyer.The 38-year-old said it had long been a fantasy of hers to have a threesome on her wedding night and was delighted that her hubby-to-be agreed.Sandra posted her indecent proposal, along with a selection of saucy snaps, on website gesext.de, where bids are currently up to 355 Euros.In her description, she wrote: “I want another man to make love to me in front of my husband on my wedding night.“We will meet in the bar and then move on to the honeymoon suite in the hotel. Once we have made ourselves comfortable my new husband will join us.“We will bring a copy of the wedding certificate for that day to the hotel to prove this is my wedding night.”The couple from the German province of North Rhine Westphalia also specify that the winning bidder will be expected to pay for the honeymoon suite.Successful applicants are also required to be “well groomed and considerate” and should also “have respect for women”.Only those who have sent a photograph to the bride in advance are allowed to bid to be with her on her honeymoon night.

355 euros? What is that like $500 dollars? That’s all it takes to catch AIDS? Where the fuck do I sign? I’ve always believed paying for sex is as low as a guy can go because that’s just saying that you are so horrible at sex nobody will have sex with you unless you pay them to. Wait scratch that because animal sex is a couple rungs below that and fucking a fat chick is one rung below that. Back to what I was saying about how rock bottom for a normal, single, straight guy is paying for sex. Well the only way for that situation to go south is if the husbands watching you and most likely if he’s doing that, there’s probably a camera in the room. And if that’s the case you’re gonna end on up some online porn site without ever knowing. I can’t even pee if I have the feeling that the guy in the urinal next to me is looking my way, let alone pop a boner in front of his wife. If you paid ME 355 euros to fuck your wife, unless you’re married to Olivia Wilde, I’m gonna have to pass. I’m sure many of you would welcome something like this, but the sheer awkwardness of the moment is enough to keep all the blood out of little dong. That and the added bonus that midway through, the guy might just start taking his clothes off. Can’t imagine who’d be bidding for that. A hundred dollars says Qudoe and his art buddies are leading the bid itching to release the tension of finals week.

PS. How is this legal anywhere? This is blatant prostitution.