This Lady Gets Paid To Masturbate

Source– NAT GARVEY has put more than 1,000 sex toys to the test, as well as PVC outfits and saucy undies, in her job trialling products for an internet firm.Single Nat helps judge what adult shop Passion should stock after landing the “perfect” £25k-a-year job more than two years ago.She says: “Rather than being surrounded by office supplies and computers all day, I have piles of kinky toys to play with.”I’m not a sex addict. I’m representing normal girls who, like me, also need to buy these toys.”Some four million of them are sold in the UK every year — more than half by Ann Summers — and numbers are rising.In the next ten years global sales will increase more than seven-fold, to 400million, according to researchers.Nat, 24, says: “Sex toys aren’t taboo any more. Single girls and couples should know how much toys can enrich their lives. It’s my job to find ones that are good for single girls, couples and usable for people of all ages. I rate the toys and file weekly reports.”I saw the job ad online and initially applied for a laugh”I’m sure some people think it’s smutty to test these toys for a living but that’s not the case.”My family and friends all know what I do for a job. My friends think I have the best job in the world and I think it is perfect.”Nat works from home in Truro, Cornwall, receiving a box of the latest products to test every week.

There are so many jobs out there I think I could do better than most people. Sometimes I look at Parking Police and just think to myself how much of a better job I’d do than them. Or when I see basketball sometimes, I yell at the TV “Cmon, I could’ve dunked that”. So when I see somebody testing sex toys and getting paid for it while Ben is sticking beads in his ass for free, you really being to think. Life’s not fair.

Like if I got paid to eat, I’d take that job in a second. I’d be fucking good at it too. Write long yelp complaints about how the chicken was too dry or how it wasn’t spiced properly. Or maybe sperm donors? Getting paid to watch porn and jizz into a cup? I already do those things. Why can’t I get paid for it? Why can’t my boy Ben get paid to test anal toys if he does it for free anyways? Life’s not fair.